Karen M.

VP, Customer & Market Insights 

"Before the breathwork, I felt anxious and a little bit tired. Breathing in and out seems so basic. And, yet, there is so something so freeing and calming about having someone else guide you, prompt you and join you in breathing in and out. Slowly. Methodically. And with purpose. I literally felt the anxiety (and some lower back pain and a tight jaw) melt away. 

I joined the breathwork session before delivering a virtual keynote for a Women Working in Tech Conference that is normally an in person event. The breathwork set me up to present from a place of calm, clarity and focus. And I incorporated the breathwork into my keynote by inviting the audience to join me in breathing in and out together for just a moment." 

Brooke D.

Strategic Partner Manager

The session was a more positive experience than meditation, as it allowed me to stay focused and not be subject to 'scattered mind'. I found it helps overcome anxiety / stressful situations in my professional demands. I came out of the session with more appreciation for the day, and noticed my heavy body & legs.

Logan R. 

Strategy & Operations Leader

I expected something like meditation (mostly in my head), but enjoyed a physical and mental experience. I walked away with tingling fingers and a clear mind - extremely present and content, ready to face the day. 

Alice L.

Director of Operations

It was my first time experiencing breathwork, and I didn't know what to expect. For me, trust is something I really need before I can let go. Candace has a rare talent for establishing ease and making you feel comfortable, and trust happened very quickly with her. 

At a few powerful moments, I felt my body buzzing with oxygen in every limb and corner, and I had a beautiful realization: oxygen is life-giving for human beings, which means it's an experience of love inside our bodies.

During the session, I saw my grandmother, who had lived a full life and passed away the day before, and felt clarity and joy for her life and her passing. It felt good and peaceful. I'd had an argument with a romantic partner the night before, and I felt my frustration with him dissolve; I was reunited with our greater, more universal love for each other. 

I walked out of the session feeling peaceful, grounded, clear-headed, and full of love. When I got home, I was able to bring an unusual amount of patience and compassion to heal and resolve a painful argument I'd been having with my partner the night before. Now I'm excited to make this a regular part of my life.

Sara B.

Director of Sales

"Before the breathwork, I was in my head and disconnected from my body. I am currently in the interview process and with all this (COVID) uncertainty, it is easy for me to move too fast and leave my body. After the breathwork session, I was able to start my day with serenity, peace, and groundedness and show up to my interview call in an authentic way. As a salesperson whose role is to be actively listening and engaging with others via call or in-person, breathwork is a tool that I would like to have in my toolkit so that I can show up at my best for customers and clients. Candace’s teaching methods and her professional approach make this practice something that can assist business people in being on top of their game by showing up in a clear and grounded way. What I especially liked about Candace’s approach was that it was accessible to all levels. This was only my second time doing this type of breathwork and her calming voice during the practice had me feel at ease. I also like structure and so the fact that she walked us through what the practice would be like and how long we would be in the meditation made me feel safe."

Finn M. 

Solutions Engineering Leader

For the rest of the day and into the weekend I felt very calm, but also authoritative over everything I was doing... Actually had what I consider to be one of my best client calls on Friday afternoon. Sometimes these sessions can take a while for everything to ‘click into gear’... but this felt effortless, and complex ideas seemed easier to articulate than normal.

From a personal perspective, one of the most challenging aspects of working in the technology industry is locating the off switch. The ‘always connected’ nature of modern work is both thrilling and exhausting at the same time. 

I have generally found it extremely tempting to keep charging forwards, available 24/7, taking on as much work as possible - especially when receiving affirmation and validation from those around me at work. This can actually feel quite addictive. And grabbing a couple of pints after work was initially a simple release mechanism; but in hindsight, an ineffective one.

Everything was put into perspective after I had the privilege of spending some time in mountains of British Columbia. The spectacular natural beauty of the landscape, the restorative clean air, was a stark contrast to the open plan offices, bluetooth headsets, and forced-flow air conditioning I was used to. Being in the mountains essentially led to an effortless ‘natural high’, where any slight feelings of anxiety and inflammation rapidly evaporated as the days continued. Upon returning to work the following week, it quickly occurred to me how unfortunate it was that this natural feeling of calmness would be impossible to experience again until the next time I travelled to BC. 

Then I saw Candace, and we chatted about my experience in the mountains. She assured me that it was possible to experience the same positive effects anywhere in the world (including the office!). Furthermore, through developing technique in Breathwork, I could achieve it on a daily basis. As a naturally sceptical person, this sounded incredible... but, was it actually possible? I was more than happy to proceed on the basis that even if we could get a fraction of the way to recreating the calm tranquility of the week before, it would be an immense achievement.

The experience was immediately disarming. The lights dimmed, and the Breathwork began: a simple case of relaxing, and responding to her clear guidance.

It’s genuinely difficult to find the words to do justice to what happened in the next few minutes, but I shall try! Essentially what followed was a progressive, deep feeling of relaxation, then a euphoric, warm glow, leading to a feeling of ‘connectedness’ that seemed to envelop me from head to toe. This was then supplemented by what felt like a lucid meditative journey, passing through experiences of people and places from my past, all accompanied by a feeling of warm positivity. 

During the entire experience, I felt fully present. As someone who (a) struggles with meditation, and (b) is not an inherently overly optimistic person, this was a remarkable sensation. 

At the end of the Breathwork, Candace gradually guided me back in to the real world, where it was quite amusing to find myself back in the room we started in! We had an awesome conversation, sharing experiences about the journey, and she gave me some guidance on ways I could start to engage in Breathwork on my own. 

Walking away from the session, the feeling of calm relaxation and positivity persisted for the rest of the evening. Later on, meeting up with friends from work was an immense pleasure. Conversation flowed naturally, and (remarkably for me) there was zero temptation to grab a beer, mainly because I didn’t want the way I felt to be altered in any way.

It’s a fairly extraordinary feeling to work with someone who can gently and thoughtfully guide you through Breathwork that takes you to such a restful and positive mindset. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone seeking the best antidote to the incessant, fast-paced nature of modern life.

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Image by Chris Lee

“Give yourself permission to make time for breathwork even if you would normally describe it as “not your thing.

Right now there is no greater tool to combat fear and uncertainty than breathing deeply. Taking a pause."


Karen M.

VP, Market Insight 

Jason W.

Head of Ecosystems Security 

Before the session I felt, a little anxious. I have done several kinds of breathwork like Wim Hof, Pranayama nostril breathing and Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing but I hadn't done this version before. I felt mellow and euphoric afterwards. It had been a long week so this was a nice way to round at the day, by allowing my mind to feel quieted so I was able to focus. During the session, I felt a little bit of an urge of being in a high emotional state temporarily. I had some visuals and I started to recall people I wanted to reach out to that I hadn't thought about in a while. I felt coldness in limbs. In Wim Hof this is a good sign, so I saw this as a good sign here as well. 

Cristina M. 

Dir. Global Accelerator Product 

Before the session, I was feeling unfocused, worried about a myriad of things related to work, relationships, COVID, personal needs and anxieties. My job centers around “rolling with the punches”, but instead, after the session I’m able to absorb the punches and face my work and any challenges with renewed gusto and calm. Quite a feat after 4.5 years! I really love the idea of addressing internal concerns the moment they are brought up. “Hey anxiety, I see you. Let’s breathe through it.” “Okay sadness, come here and let’s feel through everything you are bringing up for me.” It’s had a remarkable impact in that I’m able to calm down and achieve focus like never before. I now apply this framework throughout my day, not just during breathwork. It’s also increased good emotional conversations with my partner. I find I’m able to talk about deep-burried feelings, inspiring sharing and very good conversations. My first time I felt light, energized, even zen after having feelings of existential dread. The second time I came in completely unfocused but by the end of the session I felt centered and clear the entire day. Every time I go to a session, I’m surprised by a different outcome that turns out is exactly what I need. 

Jaime D. 

Director, Customer Success

I came in feeling tired and anxious. The session impacted my work demands by leaving me with renewed energy, positivity and enthusiasm for tacking the rest of my day! I felt chills - even with the blanket I felt cold. I experienced tears and definite stress release. I feel this practice works better for me than traditional meditation because I’ve struggled a lot with calming my mind. I often feel like I’m battling to keep the distracting thoughts away while focusing on the mantra. With the active breathing, I am so tuned into what’s going on in my body there’s not much room for anything else! 

Image by Andrew Coelho

"It was a great way of reconnecting to my priorities and to find the inner peace I was looking for."


Alejandra S. 

Program Architect

Alejandra S.

Program Architect

"I was feeling a bit distracted, finding it difficult to focus at work due to the (COVID) news. I felt very relaxed after some minutes of the breathing. After the practice, I felt more grounded, focused and peaceful." 

Janani R.

Technical Success Manager

Before the breathwork, I was feeling nervous, anxious, lonely, insomnia, helpless. In my personal life, it is incredibly difficult to stay away from our loved ones especially if they are half way across the world (in India). Ever since the COVID situation, I sometimes feel a surge of anxiety. With everything that is happening around us, I’m thinking about all the people who are being impacted has me constantly worrying. Mostly during night time when the fears and horrific thoughts creep in that prevents me from getting a good nights sleep. After the breathwork, it gave me a sense of clarity of my current situation and surroundings and hope for a better tomorrow. 

My mind is always racing with a gazillion thoughts and ideas and experiences and emotions and it is usually incredibly difficult for me to press pause and do some self-reflection. I usually keep my emotions to myself and stay away from doing anything that makes me too vulnerable because it is easier for me to suppress my thoughts and feelings rather than actually feeling them. 
The biggest lesson I have learnt by following these sessions is that it is okay to be fragile and break once in a while instead of putting up a brave front, it is okay to be true to one’s feelings and have the courage to allow yourself to experience every single emotion that you have at the moment.

The ultimate effect that you get is not just from the pranayama practice in itself - but also from Candace’s clear instructions and sharing the knowledge behind why we are doing what we are doing (and her calm and pleasant demeanor while she walks us through the entire session) makes it a holistic package.  

I strongly recommend these sessions for mental health sessions that Candace offers to anyone who is looking to get some clarity in your thought process, cleansing of your body, mind and soul, self-appreciation and motivation to achieve the next level in your professional or personal paths.

Pooja J.

Solution Engineer 

Starting out, I felt anxious and had trouble relaxing, being constantly surrounded by thousand thoughts and worried about the future. I am going through a lot of challenges in my life right now - beginning with a visa, and am worried about my stay in the US. In this economic situation, I have fear that my job will remain secure if my country of residence changes. I have felt so worried that I couldn't focus on my work which I am feeling let down and am starting to doubt myself. 
Most (meditation) experiences have been a challenge for me, because I cannot focus on one thing for an extended period of time, but this was my last resort to overcome some of the anxiety that I have been going through - personal and professional. The breathwork activity made me lie down, and the guided activity made me not think about life and work for a second, and just follow the directions. I fell asleep by the end of it and felt good when I opened my eyes again. 

Jesus B.

Senior Software Engineer 

After the exercise, I was full of energy and focused, I knew what I needed to do next and that has continued for the most part, I’m ready for next session! My brain (felt resistance) and tried to stop me from continuing, but Candace’s instruction reminded me this may happen, so I focused on my breath again. 

This session helped me figure out what keeps me short fused with my little boy. It’s that I don’t have control of who he will be or how he will be, I can only affect it with my example and not my words. Right before the session my little boy did something I didn't like, I felt like I could have handled it better, with more love, but couldn't understand why I seem to forget about that at that moment.


San Francisco, CA




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